Family Fun Literacy Day 2017

Family Fun Literacy Day

​22nd August 2017

​C.S. Lewis Square



EastSide Learning hosted our first Family Fun Literacy Day at C.S. Lewis Square in August 2017. 

The event was an enormous success with families coming from east Belfast and beyond to engage in our literacy themed activities.....



NI Libraries facilitated a number of storytelling sessions including the popular childrens' story "Whiffy Wilson" to an audience of enthralled children. 


Drama Workshops

Throughout the day Elaine Gowdy ran drama workshops where children got the chance to dress up and get moving! The workshops were based around popular childrens’ books where the children became the stars of the show.


iPad Animation Workshop

The Nerve Centre Belfast brought their technical genius to the Visitor Centre to bring popular children's stories to life using iPad animations. Beautifully crafted miniature sets were used by the budding young movie makers to tell their stories in their own way. 


Tumnus Tales

Mr Tumnus from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, joined us for the morning to bring families on a guided tour of C.S. Lewis Square. He provided families with insider explanations and stories about the beautiful statues dotted about the square.


Giving Library

Back by popular demand. EastSide Learning hosted another Giving Library where we stocked a library of donated books for children to take home and enjoy. We have been delighted at the response to our social media requests for lightly used books, with donations from families, schools, and PTAs making our Giving Libraries not only well stocked but including lots of popular and great quality books.


Literacy themed crafts and games.

In between all of our scheduled events, children had so much more to get involved in at our many literacy themed craft and game stations. From crafting their own speech bubbles to rolling giant story cubes, each activity involved an aspect of learning intended to build confidence by making learning fun.


Drumming Circle

Jo from the The Gathering Drum wrapped up our Literacy Day with a 2 half hour, rhyme themed drumming circles. This activity proved as popular as it was noisy!