EastSide Learning

EastSide Learning was established in 2014 to promote partnership working between schools and the community in east Belfast and identify strategic opportunities for making the experience of education better for everyone involved. 

We are a collaborative group that includes representatives of the education sector, community sector and political sphere – all of us committed to working together to improve outcomes for our children and young people.

We have produced a Framework which we believe will help us achieve this

The Framework outlines where we plan to concentrate our energy    

  1. Raising aspiration and achievement – involving parents at the centre of our work
  2. Area based planning – ensuring that all the key interests are involved in school planning decisions from the outset
  3. Working in partnership to deliver positive, sustained improvements in education.
  4. Valuing vocational education to secure better opportunities for our young people whatever their talents.   
  5. Early Years – making sure our children enter formal education confident and ready to learn.

EastSide Learning meets regularly to progress all of these issues – keep in touch with how we are doing elsewhere on the website and via Facebook