Online Nursery Admissions Support




EastSide Early Years Nework have been working together through the UV Early Learning Project to support parents and children in the important transition into Nursery/pre school. 

This year has made it challenging to bring families together for a smoother transitions event.  Through the UV project, EastSide Learning created interactive online materials that could connect parents with Nursery and Pre School settings in the area, and provide easy access to important information needed for the pre school admissions process. The production of an Interactive Map of all Early Years settings has been a great tool that the Early Years Network will continue to use as a resource in their settings post pandemic.  Even though families could not visit pre school’s this year, the resources including transitions booklets, virtual tour videos and the interactive map helped to ensure that they had the information needed to make informed choices about their child’s transition onto the next stage of their learning journey. 


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Interactive Map                                                                                                                                                                 
Interactive Flier