Children's Reading Fair 24th March Skainos

EastSide Learning are holding a Children's Reading Fair on Friday 24th March from 1-5pm in Skainos, Newtownards Road.  This event is part of the Belfast Festival of Learning- where we're celebrating the joys and importance of books and encourage parents and children to read together. 

As part of the event, we are also asking you to donate any unwanted children's books up to the reading age of 12 taking up space in your house that you'd like to donate to EastSide Learning so that other children can benefit? 

We are planning to use any donated books as part of our Giving Library on the day- ensuring they will continue to bring pleasure and joy to children across the area.

For further information on any of the above, please like us on Facebook or contact us.

This is a FREE event for all parents and children of pre & primary school age and will include:

- Storytelling Sessions by Museums NI and Libraries NI

- Polish Storytelling Sessions

- Rhythm and Rhyme Sessions

- iPad room with Learning Apps

- Face Painting your favourite characters

- Fancy Dress Photo Sessions of Literary Characters

- Tips & advice on reading at home

- Free books

- Fun with Phonics

You don't need a ticket - just show up on the day!